Sunday, 28 August 2016

HP Printer Not Responding and Appear Offline on Mac

HP printer is known for its best and innovative printing technology due to which it is preferred by a huge number of users all across the world. But as other devices, users may also face some troubles while using HP printer. These troubles may be either due to an error in a printer or may be due to the presence of an error in a laptop or PC. Same situation happened to some Mac users, who reported for HP printer not responding and Offline issues. Here, users can dial a toll-free number live talk with tech experts for HP printer issues on Mac to find the accurate solution of these HP printer issues on Mac.
Printer Offline message appears as the status of a printer while Printer Not Responding issue appears while trying to print. Offline signify that Mac is unable to communicate with the printer and for a solution of this issue one can contact resolve HP printer issues by tech support phone number. This Offline message indicates that USB cable has got disconnected or power supply has stopped. Read more:

Anyway, these issues can be easily resolved by going through the procedure shown in this post. So have a look on that:
•    First of all, check the connection between the connectivity of Mac and HP printer.
•    Now, reset your printer with your Mac. In order to do this in a perfect manner, you can either call on troubleshoot printer issues by tech support or you can also go through the steps shown as below:
Ø Turn on the printer and disconnect the cord of power.
Ø Now, unplug the power outlet from the board and wait for 60 seconds.
Ø Now, again connect the power cord to a printer.
Ø Now, try to print and if your printer starts printing then ok. And, if not then you can follow the next step.
•    Now, from the list of printer remove multiple printers and for doing this you can go through the steps as shown below:
Ø Search Mac and then click on 'Print and Scan', 'Print and Fax', and 'Printers and Scanners'.
Ø Now, look for the name of printers from the list of devices that matches to your printer.
Ø If you find many printer queues, then remove all extra printers one by one. Leave one ‘idle’ printer in your list that matches to your printer and make it as default.
Ø Now, your printer will start printing.
With these troubleshooting processes, you can have a solution of HP Printer not responding issues and Printer Offline issue with your Mac. If you want to learn more procedure to sort-out HP Printer issues, then you can call on a printer technical support number.

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Find the Printer Driver Issues Solution on Windows 10 Update

After upgrading Windows 7, Windows 8.1 to Microsoft Windows 10, users have reported many more bugs. Before its arrival, list of expected issues were already prepared that can happen while updating Windows 10. But, later after its introduction many users reported for numbers of issues that they face while after updating to latest Windows. Some users have reported issues with printer driver for which they frequently needed to dial a toll-free of online technical support helpdesk for printer  to have immediate resolution directly with printer technical expert.

Microsoft has already made an announced that while upgrading to latest Windows OS, it may delete some apps or software that will not be compatible with this. So, this can also happen with some of the drivers of printers. It can also be happened that your printer brand would not have updated driver for Windows 10 due to which your printer driver would have stop functioning. Here, in this situation you can dial a toll-free tech phone helpline for Windows 10 printer driver  to have fast and perfect fixes for printer driver issues. You may also go through this article post to find the fixes for this printer driver issue.
Check trouble with connected printer
Here, you need to go to the window of the printer where you need to check that whether your printer is listed under Printers or Unspecified. If you see things like it, then you need to choose Troubleshoot. Now, you need to follow the instructions.
Update driver of printer manually
Here, you need to go to your printer manufacturer website from where you need to download the latest printer driver. If you need manual update step wise, then you can dial a connect with tech support 24*7 for printer issues. With them, you can have perfect steps to update printer driver manually.
Apply Windows update for new driver
Here, you first need to go to Start>Settings and then need to click on update and security. Now, check for updates and then click on Ok and click install updates.
Automatically update printer driver
With Driver Easy you can have Windows driver update automatically. Driver easy check everything that is needed to be compatible with Windows 10. For using Driver Easy, you can call on a Windows technical help number to know right way to use this Driver Easy.
These are some of the ways through which you can get resolved your common printer driver issues on Windows update. If you want to have more information on Windows update issues and solutions for a printer driver, then you can connect with Windows technical support number.
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Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Prompt Canon Printer Support solutions for fixing Printer Issues

Printers have become a crucial part of our life that are needed almost everywhere for printing any documents. There are many of the printing brands which are available in market. Among all these printing brands Canon is considered as one of the significant brand among the users. Canon is a Japanese multinational company which is known as one of the most prominent brands for producing printers and cameras. Users worldwide know this company for manufacturing a wide range of printers. Its’ printer technologies are based on the latest technology and handy features. So, Canon has also provided a online support & help for Canon printer  so that users can have the complete advantage of Canon printer.
Here you get more info about Canon printer:
With Canon’s great inbuilt technologies and features, there may be some situations with the users in which they could face trouble while using Canon printer. This may happen because of technology unawareness or may be because of the errors that happen with the printer. In this situation, users can have tech customer phone number for printer issue to have the quick and finest solution. There are many of the issues that have been reported by the Canon printer users.
Common Canon Printer issues:  
·         Printer is running slowly.
·         Printer driver is not installed properly.
·         Cartridge not working properly.
·         Printer sudden stop printing.
·         Paper gets stuck inside the printer.
·         Unable to print with Wi-Fi connectivity.
·         Print output is faded.
·         Unable to connect printer with Mac
These are some of the printer issues that have been reported by the Canon printer users. But, you needn’t worry as you can have the perfect resolution just by calling on tech support and service phone number for printer. Today, there are many of the independent service providers who assist you in a perfect way to provide an instant and economical solution.
Printer technical experts assist in the following ways:
·         They properly diagnose the issue running with your printer.
·         Resolve the complete printer issues running with your printer.
·         Install and update the printer driver.
·         Resolve the network connectivity issues.
·         Resolve all hardware and software issues with your printer.
·         Modify the settings of your printer.
·         Make you aware of printer issues.
If you are looking for finest and immediate solution point, then can you connect with an independent Canon printer technical support team to find all the solutions concerning to your Canon printer. Their support number can be dialed at any time to find the solution of your printer. 
If you want to know about procedure of installation of printer, click here to view:

Friday, 5 August 2016

How to get fixes of Canon Printer issues?

Canon Printer is known as one of the best printing brands used by large number of users worldwide. It manufactures large variety of printers based on the latest and pioneering technologies due to which printer users prefer it. Its’ better performance with minimal cost makes it to reach almost every printer users. Thus, Canon has also provided a 24*7 online tech support for canon printer to assist their customer with best supports and services. With Canon great advantages and utilities, there might be some situations in which users could get troubles while using the Canon printer. Click here for more info:
Issues that may happen while using Canon Printer are:
·         Printer is not compatible with Windows 10 users.
·         Printer is not responding on Mac.
·         Unable to find printer on network.
·         Paper is not feeding inside printer.
·         Printer is not connecting with wireless network.
·         Printer driver is not installed properly.
·         Cartridge not working properly.
·         Printer is showing offline.
These are some of the issues that have been reported by the Canon printer users. Anyway, you can avoid these issues with the help of a Canon Printer technical support. Their experts are well-versed with the Canon printer technology, so you are going to have perfect resolution within a minimal period of time. However, you can also follow some steps shown in this post to avoid error happening with your printer. Let’s go through the steps shown here:
·         First, be sure that your printer is on and indicator is flashing light.
·         Now, perform the manual settings and go through the instructions shown there.
·         Check the USB cable, whether it is connected properly or not.
·         Now, go for visual scanning to find whether any piece of paper is present inside it or not.
·         Restart your system and print anything. If you are not getting proper print, then you are having software issues with your printer.
·         Go to the ‘Control Panel’, and then click on ‘Printer and faxes’ and then click on ‘Text alignment’ and clean the print heads properly.
·         Now, again restart your system. This time printer will work properly.
This way, you can resolve most of the common Canon Printer issues and could run your Canon printer smoothly with no trouble.
If it does not work properly and you are again getting troubles, then you can dial a Canon printer toll-free number to find the solution. Likewise, you can also have online support helpline for brother printer, if you are using Brother Printer.

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

How to connect with HP Customer Service for Printer Issues Resolution?

HP is known as the world prominent brand for developing and producing wide range of IT hardware’s and software’s products like computers, printers, pen drives, cameras and many others. Its’ every product comes with large varieties and technology. It has been always known for creating new innovative technology with its devices. As similar to its other devices, its printer also comes with great varieties based on the latest technology. This makes the users to opt the best printer as per their individual needs. But, like the other technology HP printers may also create troubles to the users in which they immediately need to have online tech help for HP printer, so that they can have the perfect use of printer without any trouble. Read more at
Likewise the HP devices, HP has also provided best customer service for its users to deal any kind of issues that the users gets while using the HP products. There are varied ways of getting support with HP customer care. Let’s know about some of the methods through which users can have perfect help:
·         Customer can have support with HP customer service phone number
Hp has provided special toll-free number for his customer through which customer can have help just sitting at their home. Users just need to call on this Online Tech phone help for HP devices to connect with HP technical experts. Their experts listens the problem and resolve that with the help of remote access on your device.

·         Users can have the help with chat support
Hp has also provided a special chat support for HP printer users through which users can have direct chat with technicians. These technicians provide the solution procedure through chat. These chat services are open all day and night, so you can have support at any time.

·         Users can have support through email
Users can have the help through email. Here, users just need to write detail of printer issues and need to send on HP authorized email id.

·         User can have onsite support
When printer issues are not resolved through remote access, then Hp printer technical experts reaches at your work place and resolve your printer trouble.

·         Users can have support with HP independent service providers
In certain situations users are unable to have direct help with the HP customer service. In this situation, users can have help with HP independent service providers. These service providers render you immediate solution at the fast and economical rate.
These are some of the most effective and perfect ways to have HP customer service, through which users can have the solution for any of the printer issues with ease.
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