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800-760-5113 Interfacing your Epson® printer to a remote system

Epson® printers support printer sharing, permitting you to print from any gadget associated with a remote system. This article will give you guidelines on the most proficient method to associate your Epson® printer to a remote system utilizing the printer's control board.
Before you continue, you have to observe your switch's remote settings. These settings will permit your printer to synchronize with your switch and make a remote association between the two.  Hp, brother, canona and Espon printer offline help
These are the settings that you require:
Remote system name (SSID)
Remote security sort
Remote system secret key – This is otherwise called the system security key or passphrase.
Associating your Epson® printer to the system
Step 1:
In the Home menu, select Setup.
Step 2:
Select Network Settings.
Step 3:
In the Network Settings menu, select Wireless LAN Setup and squeeze OK.
Step 4:
You will get a brief that says Network settings will be changed. System may be separated. Proceed?, select Yes and squeeze OK.

Step 5:
In the Wireless LAN Setup menu, select Enable and squeeze OK.
Step 6:
Select Search SSID and pick the name for your remote switch.
Step 7:
In the Security menu, select the security sort for your switch and enter your system secret word when provoked. HP Technical Support number
NOTE: WPA keys are case-touchy (abc is not the same as ABC). WEP keys are hexadecimal (0-9 and a-f) characters and are not case-delicate.
Step 8:
Squeeze OK.
Fast TIP: The Wi-Fi pointer symbol on the upper-right corner of the control board will change in the event that you have effectively associated with the system. To twofold check your printer's remote system setup, select Confirm Network Settings on the Network Settings menu. In the event that you have to modify a setting, select Back until you achieve the setting that needs change. When you have affirmed that your printer's settings are right, squeeze OK to spare those settings. Epson Printer Help and Support

Your Epson® printer is presently associated with your remote system. Since you have effectively added your printer to the system, you might lead a test.

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