Friday, 29 July 2016

Connect an Offline Brother Printer in an Easy Way

Brother is known as the most prominent brand for manufacturing printer. It has a large number of users worldwide who are using Brother Printer due to its innovative and reliable technology. But, like the other technical devices Brother Printer may also create troubles for its users in which users may need to have online technical support for Brother printer to have an immediate solution.
While using the Brother Printer, users get the printer-related troubles in which they are unable to print their document, as their printer shows offline. However, this issue can be solved by adjusting the setting in printer, and if it does not solve your offline error, then you can go through the steps as shown in this article post. Just go through the steps:
1.       Click on the Start button, and then click on ‘Devices and printers’.
2.       Now, right click on the icon of Brother Printer, and further click on ‘see what is printing’.
3.       Now, at the top of the window click on Printer and see for the blue check mark just left to the ‘Use Printer Offline’. If blue check mark is present there, then click on the option ‘Use Printer Offline’ and remove this check mark. At this point you will find that your document starts getting print. However, if it does not happen so, then you can proceed to further steps.
4.       On your Brother printer press the power button and turn it off.
5.       Now, you need to disconnect the USB cable of printer with the USB port of your computer.
6.       Now, you need to turn on your Brother Printer.
7.       Now, again connect the USB port to USB cable on your system. If your document started printing, then your issue is resolve, otherwise you need to move to the next step or you can also have tech support for brother printer offline issue. See also
8.       Click on the Start button and click on the arrow just given right of the ‘Shut Down’, and then you need to click on ‘Restart’. The documents that were stopped earlier will start printing, just after restarting your system.
All these above steps are surely going to resolve Brother Printer offline issues. However, if you still finding trouble with your printer, then you need to have support with Brother Printer technical support number which is open throughout day and night to serve the printers users. Read more at

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Bring Your HP Printer back in action on a Mac When it Shows offline

Sometimes, it happens that you become unable to print and your printer shows offline when you go for having some print outs with Mac. Though the printer remains available on company network and attached to your Mac, yet it shows as your printer and computer are not connected, and thus your printer shows offline. At this trouble point, users look for some solutions to the issue of HP printer offline. For this, you can also consult HP printer technical support to get optimum solution. Read more about Technical Issues in HP Printers.
There are several troubleshooting steps that you can go through as shown in this article, but before going through that you need to check whether printer driver and software have installed properly or not. You also need to check that whether you are able to have printing of invoices, business meetings documents, and, many other things. If everything is right, then you need to go through the basic troubleshooting steps. After you go by each step, you need to check whether printer is working or not. So, let’s go through the troubleshooting steps as shown below:
·         Check all the cable connections properly that are connected to your printer, network router along with the method that you have used. Be sure that no cables are loose and printer is on.
·         Now, check the printer tray for paper jams and also be sure that printer has sufficient papers aligned with it. If you find message for low ink, then you need to replace the cartridge.
·         Now, click on Apple menu and go for software update, so that if any update is available then it could automatically get updated.
·         Now, click on Apple menu and, then again choose ‘restart’.
·         Now, click on ‘system preferences’ and, then choose ‘print and scan’. Now with the printer list double click on your printer and, if yellow lights appear then you need to click on ‘resume’.
·         Open a document for print and press ‘ctrl and P’ and choose your printer from the list to print.
After going through all the above procedure, you need to reset your HP printer for which you can call on support assistance phone number for HP printer. You may reset by going to the Apple menu and selecting system preferences. Now, go to the print and scan and press on ctrl key and select reset printing system.
Now, you can add printer and scanner with your Mac and could have the smooth printing with no error. However, even with these solution steps, if you still get trouble, then you need to have HP technical support for complete solution. Read more about HP Printer Technical Support - for Instant Troubleshooting visit here

Friday, 22 July 2016

How to Fix LSU Error Code for SCX-4521F Samsung Laser Printer?

Samsung printer is globally known as best printing device not only because of its latest and innovative inbuilt technology but also due to the presence of many varieties of printers. Among all of its printers, its laser printer is most demanding one. While using the laser printer, printer users, sometimes, get the LSU error code in SCX-4521due to which they completely become unable to do printing. In this situation, users can have the immediate support with a printer technical support for Samsung.
This LSU is known as laser beam scanning unit which consists of very important unit of printer and without these components you cannot think of getting print of paper. There are many types LSU Error Code in SCX-4521F Samsung laser printer. With this article, you will know about the most common LSU error code along with their fixes. You can also consult printer experts by calling on a online technical support number for printer to find solutions without any delay. Read more at

Let’s know about the common LSU Error Code in SCX-4521F laser printer:
1.       Incompatibility issues error
For incompatibility issues, you need to check and confirm the features of the Samsung printer. You can also call on a printer support number to get quick solutions.

2.       Line error
With this error code, machine is unable to connect with remote machine because of the trouble with the phone line. In this condition, you need to wait for an hour and, then turn on the ECM mode to correct the error.

3.       Memory full error
Here, you need to clear unnecessary documents and split the transmission in to more than one operation. You may look for printer technical support from independent service provider.

4.       No answer error
This error happens when receiving fax machine has not answered after making several redials. Here, you need to check that receiving machine is operational or not.

5.       Operation not assigned error
In this case, jobs do not wait even after adding or canceling the operation. Here, you need to check the display that whether any job is scheduled or not and, then change the display mode in the standing mode.

With the above solution process, you can easily get rid of some of the error codes that happen with LSU in the Samsung printer. If you want to know more about the LSU error code and their solutions, then you need to connect with a team of printer technical support to get the perfect solutions and suggestions to keep your Samsung laser printer trouble away. Read more about How to Update Samsung Printer Driver Manually? at

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

HP Network Printer Frequently Goes Offline – Solution is Here

HP printer is known as the world most demanding printer due to its innovative technology and features updated with the latest technology. It has a vast number of users worldwide. HP printer inbuilt qualities are of the finest ones, but there may be some situations in which users could get trouble while using the HP printer. Many users have recently complained about online technical support for wireless offline printer that their printer frequently goes offline. In this situation, users completely become unable to print.
This type of issue generally happens due to problem in IP address. Router always specifies different IP address for computer and printer. You can check the IP address of your HP printer with the process shown below:
·         Go to the Control Panel of your Windows.
·         Now, click on the Option to find your printer.
·         Now, make right click on the icon of printer and, then click on properties.
·         Click on the tab Ports.
You might be getting wireless printer offline issues on your system because of the use of the wrong port number of the printer by your Windows. Now, connect other system to your printer and check for printing. If it is working, then check for the port number for this system which is in use by its Windows. Note down all the port numbers. Now, create the new port, even if Windows is using correct port number by going through the process shown in this article. You can also have a online technical support for HP printer to get resolved this error.
Now, go to the system that is showing offline error and, create new IP port with the use of its IP address. Go through the steps as shown below:
·         Open the Control Panel of your Windows.
·         Now, click on the tab Option to have view of printer connected to it.
·         Now, right click on the icons of the printer and, then click on Properties.
·         Now, click on the tab Ports and, then click on Add ports.
·         Now click on the option Standard TCP or IP port and, then click on New port
·         Follow the instruction shown on the screen and create new port using the IP address of printer.
This way, you can easily get resolved offline error with your HP printer. You can also connect with the HP technical support team to have more wide solution and knowledge related to your HP printer you are using. Read more about Resolve HP Wireless Printer Mac Compatibility Issues at

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Obtain a Fantastic Print Quality with Kodak Printers

Nowadays, almost everyone is using a printer machine which helps in printing the documents and photos in an efficient manner. People are using printing machines at their home as well as in business locations for printing purposes. They can effortlessly connect the printer to their Windows 7, 8 or 10 OS and can enjoy the convenient printing services without any hassle. But among many printers, Kodak Printer was quite popular because of an impressive printing quality. Moreover, the price of inkjet cartridges is not so expensive. You can take the tech support from a certified technician if you confront any technical issue while using any Kodak printer. With its assistance, you can fix online printer problem in a suitable manner. Furthermore, you can get the technician help by dialing a Windows support phone number.

Kodak printers maintain a distinguished place in printer industry due to its top quality. Unfortunately, it is not available in the market for its customers. But you can purchase the ink of Kodak printer from the market.  If you want the highest probable print quality, then you can stick with Kodak genuine ink cartridges as it provides a fantastic printing quality. Furthermore, the color accurateness is generally good. In case, you are facing any sort of technical hazard while printing with Kodak, you need to dial helpline number for Kodak printer. The phone number is very effective when it comes to getting a suitable tech support for your Kodak printer.
It might happen that while using a Kodak Printers, you may come across with some technical issues:
  • Bad printing quality
  • Printing connection issue
  • Slow printing speed
  • Printer unable to connect with your operating system, and much more.

The above-mentioned tech issue can be easily resolved by taking the help of a professional tech advisor of a third party tech support providing company.

If you experiencing any sort of specific Kodak error issues, then you need to simply dial Kodak customer support number. With this, you can get instant technical solutions from the qualified technicians. There are numerous technical issues which users may come across while using their Kodak printers. In such situations, they just need to get linked with a right resource.

For getting an additional printer tech help, you can visit the official page of a tech support providing company. By visiting the page, you can simply get all the answers for your entire Kodak printer related issues. You can also read Step by step instructions to Fix Windows 8, 10 Printer Offline Error

Monday, 11 July 2016

How to Update Samsung Printer Driver Manually?

Samsung driver is regularly required to update, so that you can easily get your all the printer issues cracked. While using printer you get many troubles which may be because of not updating the printer driver. Thus, latest driver is needed so that each end every printer’s part could be compatible with the complete device, that is connected to it and so printer could not produce any error. Driver update resolves the complete driver conflict issues and modifies the performance of the PC. Driver update is required on every operating system. But most of the time users get difficulties in updating the printer driver, so here in this situation they should call on the support number for Samsung printer to get the immediate resolution.
When Samsung driver can create error?
·         When you have not properly installed the driver on your system.
·         When you have upgraded your old operating system and your Samsung driver is not compatible to it.
·         When Samsung driver application file has been deleted accidently.
How you will signify these errors?
You can identify the trouble using the device manager whether your Samsung driver is corrupted, missing or outdated. To open the device manager you need to perform these steps:
·         Go to the task bar and click on the Windows logo.
·         Now type Devmgmt.msc in your start search box.
·         Now press the enter key.
You will get all the installed hardware devices. Now check for the Samsung device with which you are getting trouble. The sign of a red cross, an exclamation mark with the yellow triangle in front of it signifies that the problem is related to the driver. Now you need to download and install the latest driver of the Samsung from its official website or you can also take the help from the official website of the Samsung online printer support and have instructions for downloading.
For downloading the Samsung driver, you can also go through the process as shown below:
·         Go to the official website of the Samsung.
·         Now click on the Get support and then download.
·         Now type the products model number and search and press enter.
·         Now download the latest driver required to your printer.
After you have completed the downloading of your required driver, you need to go the location where it has been downloaded. Now double click on it and then click on the run button and go through the instructions shown there and follow that. In this way, you can successfully complete the manual update of your Samsung Printer Driver.

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Crack All the Kodak Printer Driver Issues Coming In Windows 10

Kodak printer is one of the finest printing brands that are used all across the world. There are many of the users who prefer because of its strong, latest and innovative technology. Though its features are perfect yet, it is creating varied issues while using it after upgrading the current OS to the Windows OS. It may be that Kodak printer driver would be damaged or it may be incompatible with this upgraded Windows. In this situation you can call on the helpline number for Kodak printer or you can also, go through some tips and suggestion with the help of which you can have the solution.

·         Manually updates the printer drivers
To update the printer driver you need to look for the driver updates for Windows 10. If you find any update then just download and install the required driver. If you did not find any update then you can download the latest version released by the manufacturer. After downloading the driver, you need to make the double click on the installer file for installing the driver. You can also follow another procedure shown as below:
o   Open the control panel of the Windows 10 and click on the Control Panel
o   Click on the Device manager.
o   Now in the Device manager find the printer device that you want to update. To have the printer device, see a yellow mark just besides the device name.
o   Just right click on the device name and then click on Update Driver Software.
o   Now you will get the option as the “Search automatically for updated driver software” and click on it. Now follow the instruction to install it.

·         Have Windows update for the new drivers
For Windows update of the new driver you can either have the printer help support to have the direct help with their printer technical team or you can also follow the steps as shown below:
o   First click on the start menu and then click on the settings.
o   Now in settings Windows, click on the Update and the security.
o   Now click on the Windows Updates on the left pane.
o   Click check for the updates and wait to get the latest update on your system.
o   Now choose the driver that you want to install and then click OK and then click on Install updates.

In this way, you can resolve the Kodak printer driver update issues in Windows latest OS and can run your printer smoothly without any glitches. If you want to have more solution then you can connect with Kodak printer technical team, who all are just the complete printer solution, so you can connect them without thinking anything.

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Pay Your High Attention to Printing Technologies before Purchasing a New Printer

Purchasing a right and reliable printer can be challenging – with a number of features to consider about. And it becomes even more problematic when you are purchasing a particular machine for the first time. While checking out the features of your select printer machine, you may get surprised to know about some new technologies that you may not be familiar with.
Here this write-up contains some important and new technologies that have recently been added to the modern printing machines. On the other hand, you will also come to know about some available options for a reliable printer technical support, in case of any glitches while using the new technologies. 
Some of the most advanced printers like Brother Printer, Canon printer, etc. have added a number of new technologies and features that make it perfect for the users to get their job completed.  
Mobile phone integration
Today, most of the modern printers can easily be integrated with your mobile phones, which allow you to send print command directly from your hand-held devices. If you are looking forward to enjoying the utmost convenience with the printing requirements, you must think about a machine that can allow you to send print command to the printer directly from your mobile phone.
While trying to integrate your mobile phone with your printer machine, you need to have an updated drive that can support the operating system your handset is working on. To get it configured properly without any technical issue, you would better dial technical support number for offline printer and access a reliable support for the mobile phone integration with your new printer.
Cloud-based functionality
As everything is going to the cloud, you should select a printer machine that can fetch documents from web-based storage locations. It must be running on a network connected either through wire or wireless. Some of the renowned printer manufacturers are introducing the technology in their machine so as to meet the contemporary requirements.
Brother printer is one of them, offering users the best technical benefits by allowing them to get the machine compatible with cloud-based functionalities. There are some circumstances, reported by users, when the machine fails to fetch documents from the cloud. But it is easily fixable with the help of reliable tech support for Brother Printer offered by experienced technicians.
NFC connectivity
NFC is the most prevalent technology now-a-days. It allows the users to share data files within seconds without any technical hurdles. Most of the new printer machines come featured with the technology, allowing the users to get their data files shared for no-hassle printing command. In case of any issues while using NFC technology to connect to other device, you should immediately reach out to a reliable printer tech support center and get an instant support.
Today, you can find some third-party certified printer tech support companies that extend their expertise to help users to stay at a bay in all conditions. If your printer is running out of warranty and you need an instant support, you would better access a third party technician who offers quick and affordable service.