Thursday, 11 February 2016

800-760-5113 Top tips to fix HP printing problems smartly

Hewlett-Packard printers enjoy a global recognition due to their quality, reliability, speed, performance, design, and user-oriented output. Despite being full of smart features, HP printers can make you experience some unexpected errors, such as paper jam and the vexing 50.4 error. Following is a list of top tips that you can use in order to get rid of severe printer problems in a smart manner.

Paper jams: You can experience issues of paper jams due to a dirty printer, use of wrong paper type, and worn out rollers on the printer. So, clean the printer periodically and use the correct paper type. You also need to put attention on timely roller replacement.

Faded printing on the page: This situation can happen due to low print density, lower toner and turning on of Economode printing. Checkout current settings for a printer self-test. You should remove the cartridge and shake it to reorganize the toner.

Ghosting: This situation ensures proper image prints, but printing of another lighter copy of the image on a different location is possible. Just check the power outlet and consumable printer parts.

50.4 error message: Generally, you HP printer may show you a 50.4 error message if it is a HP LaserJet printer. It shows that something is wrong with power supply. Here, you need to disconnect the printer if it is connected to a UPS. Also make sure that you disconnect the printer from a power strip.

79 errors by printer: This error can show issues with the network print server. Just open the Printer folder from the Start menu to know if printing job is pending or not. The error is also possible for the failure of a printer add-on component (MIO card or RAM module).

Missing driver for a particular operating system: When new operating systems are released, it is likely that you need to load new drivers on your existing printers. As all printers don’t come with a default driver, you need to consult the printer manual and check out which driver match your printer. In case the driver is missing, you can download it from an authentic site to make your HP printer work according to your changing printing needs.

Apart from this top 10 list, there are also hundreds of HP printer issues that you can easily resolve by taking HP printer tech support from HP help center and other reliable resources like independent tech support providers.

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