Thursday, 31 March 2016

Smart Ways to Overcome Most Common Printing Difficulties

Problems of power supply, paper loading, paper feeding, printing position, printing output, printout quality, and network are not new to any branded and ordinary printers owned by individuals in all parts of the world. With branded products, such as HP, Canon, Epson, Dell, Kodak, Brother, and Lexmark, printer users can expect better response with less or no issues. Printers stop offering desired output when something is wrong with them. Blame it on any mechanical failure, connectivity issues, compatibility issues and the imprudence of users; you need to have reliable printers errors support to get quality output. Following are the most common difficulties encountered by printer users and their relevant fixes.
1.       Unable to print from Tablet: If you are using an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, you must have a wireless printer that supports AirPrint, a Moible printing solution in Apple OSX and iOS. If your printer is offering support for AirPrint printers, you will not be able to print from tablet. If you have a printer attached with Apple Mac, you can use HandyPrint or Printer Pro to turn the ordinary printer into an AirPrint printer.

2.       Printer asks to replace the cartridge: Your printer has enough ink stock, yet it warns you to replace the cartridges. Daily printing is a regular feature with offices but the same thing can be occasional at homes. Office stationery needs to replace frequently but at home the same lasts for a long time. If you are at office, order new cartridges and put them in stock so you are never run out of required cartridges. Technical Support Phone Number for HP Devices

3.       Web pages won’t print properly: Web pages come in different sizes and types and they aren’t designed to be printed. That is why you may fail to get the right print out of your choice page. Before, you take a print out, make sure you go for the print Preview option in Internet Explorer. If you are not using all pages, then use print page options to get the printouts you need. Instantly contact printers’ customer support experts to get a right solution.

4.       Printing paper gets stuck: If it happens, it is likely that something is wrong in the paper feed mechanism. Just take the paper out of the tray and open flaps. Look inside as well as underneath the printer to check the status of the printer so that you can examine and clean the paper feed mechanism.

5.       A blank sheet gets ejected every time a printout is taken: This feature is useful for printer sharing with different print jobs. If this problem happens, just open Devices and Printers in the Control Panel and right click the printer. Finally, choose Printing Preferences. If you are unable to find enable/disable separator page option, then right click the printer and select Properties. You will find a Separator button to configure the option.

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