Thursday, 21 April 2016

Some of the Common Printer Problems and Their Solutions

Printers are bizarre, often frustrating devices to many users. Fortunately, many printer-related problems are easy to resolve. And with a little knowledge, you can get better speed, quality, and cost of your printing, and the superiority of your scans. However, while using these printers users can face several printer problems. Here are some of the common printer issues which users may face, and ways to troubleshoot them and improve your printer's experience. Printing issues can generally be divided into three main categories:
·         Hardware problems in the printer,
·         Software problems on the Pc or laptop which is attempting to print,
·          Network connection issues between the printer and the computer.

When your printer is unable to print then there is a possibility that either the printer is experiencing software or hardware related issue. Before going for software testing its better to check hardware errors and fix them first.
Fix printer hardware problems
·         Check that paper is loaded and there is no paper jam.
·         Check the cable connections ;( USB and other parallel wires) both power and data cables going from printer and to your computer.
·         Make sure that the printer power indication light is on.
·         Verify that the printer has no flashing lights or Red or Orange lights.
·         Run a self test on the printer. If your printer does not print a self test, then there is a possibility that there is a defect with your printer, and you should contact the Printer Support Provider and get quality solutions to resolve your hardware related issues.

Network connection issues
Resolving network issues in printers is a difficult job, you should contact for assistance. If only a single system is unable to print while other computers are printing efficiently without errors, it’s likely a problem on that computer. There are number of ways through printers are connected to computer. Your printer should have two cables connected to it: the power cable and the data cable. Make sure the power and data cables (parallel cable or USB cable) are connected to both the printer and computer in a proper manner. If still you are unable to connect, then it’s possible that printer drivers are missing or corrupted. To resolve these errors you can simply contact expert technical support for printer and get your issues solved instantly at affordable charges.
Fix printer software problems
Software issues trend to be most complicated and needs timely troubleshooting. Printers always require the proper driver’s installation for both the printer and port on which it is connected. Follow the steps to check software issues:-
·         Click on Start menu, Settings, Printers. Within the printers settings make sure that your printer model is listed.
·         Print a test page by clicking the icon, then click on the properties option and click print test page.
·         If the test page does not print, then download the latest drivers from your printer.
·         If the page prints effectively, get back into the printers window, right-click the printer and ensure that there is a check next to Set as default.
·         Set the printer at default mode, click Start, Run, and type notepad and press enter.
·         If the printer prints successfully from this program but you are still unable to print from the other program, it is likely that program has an issue and not your printer.
Apart from the printer Support, users have many alternate options in the form of the third party customer support companies. They provide prompt, 24x7 round the clock services at very nominal rates.

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