Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Steps To Fix Network Printer Connectivity Issues

Printers are useful devices which are used in schools, colleges, and offices. It helps in printing your documents in an easy manner. Connecting your device to a wired printer is easy. Pick the cable, and then plug it one end into the printer and other into a computer. By doing this all things go in a smooth manner but sometimes it's still complicated than plugging in a cable. There are various reasons for these printer connectivity problems so for resolving this problem users can do a lot of things like choosing the correct IP address, installing a right operating system, configuring a right IP address. In case you have purchased a new printer and many times while working on it, the printer stopped working because of the network connectivity issues then for this people generally install a new wireless printer if they are enabled to configure the network settings in the printer itself.
If you want to solve these wireless communication problem then its pretty simple by configuring your computer server with the right static IP addresses. In case you are not able to resolve this connectivity problem, then contacting a Technical support for wireless printer connection is the right choice. Experts help you in resolving these issues instantly.
Below are the steps which help you in resolving this issue:-
Selecting a valid IP address for the printer
If you don’t know in which IP address your router is using, then go to Start, type cmd, and press Enter. In the Windows Command Prompt settings, type IP config, press Enter, and look for the network adapter Wireless or Ethernet. Look for the information on the Default Gateway field is the IP address of your router. https://www.facebook.com/notes/printers-help-support-18007605113/procedure-for-setting-printer-online-on-windows/1084714751599103
 Configuring the wireless printer with a static IP address
If you want to configure  your Windows with a static IP address ,then go to the printer’s display and from the screen menu, find the network settings and verify the wired or wireless network settings respectively, and note the current IP address —Setup>Network>View Network Settings>Display Wireless Summary. http://www.apsense.com/article/how-to-fix-a-network-printer-suddenly-showing-as-offline-in-windows-vista-7-or-8.html
Configuring the wireless printer with a static IP address in Windows
Follow the below- given steps to configure the wireless printer:
1 First of all, go to Start, type Devices and Printer and press Enter.
2 Now, right- click on the printer and select Printer Properties.
In order to this, if you are not able to configure these IP settings, then contacting on a toll-free Windows support number for printer connection issues      is the right choice.
3 Navigate to the Ports tab, ensure and select the Standard TCP/IP Port with the name of the printer you intending to fix, and then hit on the Configure Port.
4 In Port Settings, simply change the Printer Name or IP Address with the address you have configured the wireless printer

Network connectivity is one of the main issues on most of the devices. By using these powerful steps you can resolve this problem, if still the problem persists then contacting a reliable third party support providing company is the right choice.

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