Thursday, 12 May 2016

Troubleshoot Your Dot Matrix Printer Troubles

Dot matrix printers are quite popular in corporate sector due to its good printer quality. The ribbons utilized in Dot matrix printers need a good maintenance on a daily basis. The printer is manufactured by different computer manufacturing companies, like Epson, Lexmark, Oki Data, and DASCOM. It might happen that while using Dot matrix printers you may come across with some technical concerns. But in order to resolve a particular issue, you need to search for a tech root cause. Figuring out a technical cause is not complex with certified Dot matrix printer expert. With its help, you will get to know the proper understanding of the frequent Dot matrix printer troubles. Along with this, you will also receive printer printing issues solution conveniently.
Let’s find out some common technical problem which Dot matrix printers usually confront, these include:
  • Flashing lights issue
In case the lights on the printer are flashing, you need to see the printer's instruction manual. Flashing lights in the printer can occur due to cooked system board or low ink to a paper jam.

  • Mystery paper jams
These types of jams are mainly caused by a tiny part of paper lodged beneath the rollers. A Dot matrix printer user can effortlessly remove the rollers for an effective printing result.
  • White lines in graphics or printed text
The common issue which you may confront is the sudden appearance of horizontal white lines in the middle of graphics or printed text. For this, you need to make sure that your print head data ribbon with the ink ribbon is connected tightly to the print head.

  • Printing gibberish
If your printer is not printing in a correct manner, then you need to check the printer’s dip switch. By connecting the switch properly, you can easily fix the problem.

  • No activity at all
In case you are printing with the help Dot max printer and nothing is happening, then you need to make sure that it is connected to the PC appropriately. Apart from this, you need to check that your computer system hasn’t been redirected to a network printer. Still, if you are unable to fix, then take the assistance of a third party technical company for 24/7 technical support for printer.
Intelli Atlas, an independent tech support provider, offers affordable IT solutions to their customers. For further Dot matrix printer tech concerns, you can visit the official page of the company. Feel free to discuss your technical concerns related to printer issues as per your need.

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