Thursday, 8 September 2016

How to Install HP Printer Driver on Mac?

HP is a well-known brand among the users worldwide that is known for producing many of the hardware and software computing devices. HP printer is also one of them which are being used by a large number of users. Like the other devices, HP printer is also prone to some issues that can badly affect. Anyway, with a toll-free customer tech support helpline for HP printer users can acquire complete solution of all the HP printer issues. 
There are a large number of issues that can happen while using HP printer. Some Mac users have reported for its trouble in printer driver installation due to which they are incapable of accessing their printer. In this situation, an HP printer user should dial at Online support & help for HP printer driver on Mac or they should visit the official website of HP printer. However, one can also go through this post to have a perfect solution to this issue. Let’s go through this solution procedure:
HP printer driver installation on Mac
•    First, click on Apple menu and then choose System Preferences.
•    Now, click on Print and Fax, print and Scan, and printer and scanners as according to the version of OSX you are using.
•    Now, check whether the name of your printer is displayed in your printer list or not. If your printer is listed, then you need to remove it and again add it. To make sure that correct printer is added, you need to click on the name of the printer, and then need to delete it.
•    Now, you need to click on the plus sign to add a printer or scanner.
•    If your printer is not listed there, then you need to add a printer or scanner window and be sure that your printer is connected with USB cable of Mac with same wired or wireless network.
•    Now, click on print using menu and then select the name of your printer.
•    Now, click on Add printer list.
•    If you are directed to install software, then click on download and install to complete the installation process.
•    Now, close the system preferences.
If you are able to print, scan and fax, then you successfully installed the printer driver on your Mac. However, if you are not able to print then you can dial a printer technical support number to have a direct solution with their well trained and experienced technical expert.

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