Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Printer Issues with Windows 10 is Resolved

The printer is one of the most indispensable peripheral devices that manages complete printing task including scanning and faxing.  At the same time, it is also more prone to several issues after Windows 10 update. If you have performed a clean installation of Windows, then it might be that everything would be working properly. However, if you find any issues with your printer then you can have any of the printers’ instant online tech experts support for Epson printer to have an instant solution to complete printer issues.
Many users have reported for printer issues with Windows 10 operating system. Even HP printer users have also reported this issue with get connect with tech experts for HP printer. Printer issues with this latest Windows OS are basically due to the un-updated printer driver that becomes completely incompatible with this OS. If your printers have suddenly stopped working, then you go through some tips to make it working again. Click here, to view:
Just follow it:
First, open the Control Panel of your Printer
Here, you need to use the Windows troubleshooting tools by selecting Devices and Printers from the search list. This will open Control Panel pane of Devices and Printers.
Troubleshoot the printers connected with your system
Go to the Printers and Unspecified and find the window of a printer. Here, you need to make a right click and then need to choose Troubleshoot and go through on screen instructions. You may also call varied customer support for printers helpdesk customer support phone number for Lexmark printer to have all the possible support.
Check for proper installation of printers
If Windows 10 is unable to detect your problem, then you need to check whether it is listed in installed list or not. In order to do this, you need to click on Start>Settings>Devices>Printers and Scanner. If you do not find your printer in this list, then you need to click on Add a printer or scanner.
On Windows 10 search for an older printer
If your printer has been detected, then you need to go through online instructions as shown there. This will make to download and install the printer drivers required on your Windows OS.
This way, you can resolve your some of the printer issues. However, if you are facing any other trouble with your printer then you can connect with technical experts’ team of a printer support. Here, you can easily acquire any of the printer issues resolution occurring with Windows 10.

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