Friday, 30 September 2016

Lexmark Printer Show Offline on Windows 10 upgrade – Find the fixes

Printer has become a very efficient part nowadays that is used almost everywhere. There are many varieties of printers which are being utilized by many people worldwide. Lexmark is also one of them which are known for innovative features with latest technology. Like the devices it may also produce some errors which may be due to varied reason. Recently on Windows 10 upgrade many users have reported for offline printer issue which not only encountered with Lexmark printer but also with other printer brand. Here, users can have assistance with get instant online support for Lexmark printer to have an immediate solution with no trouble. For more info about Lexmark Printer:

After upgrade to Windows 10 printer sudden stops working and you become unable to print. This issue basically happens because of incompatibility of printer driver with latest Windows OS. In this situation, you can have an contact technician for support of Windows printer  to have perfect solution just sitting at your home. However, you may also go through this article post to have solution of this offline issue. So, let’s have a look at that:
Un-install and re-install printer driver
·        Open Device Manger and locate printer on the left side of window.
·        In the Device Manager make rights click on printer.
·        Click on uninstall.
·        Go through the instructions shown on the Pop-ups window and remove the installed printer.
·        Restart your system.
·        Now, again install the printer from CD.
·        Restart your system and check the printer status.
·        Now, update your driver.
Install new printer driver
Check the printer website for new printer driver for Windows 10 and go through the process shown as below:
·        Download the latest printer driver from printer manufacturer website.
·        Now, make a right click on setup file and then choose Properties.
·        Now, choose compatibility tab.
·        Now, make a right mark on Run this program in compatibility mode.
·        Choose the operating system from the drop down menu.
·        Now, you need to install printer driver.
·        Check the functionality of printer driver.
Hope, with all these above shown procedure your printer issues have been resolved. However, if you are still getting this trouble then you can dial a Printer technical support number to have complete resolution of this issue. You can dial a printer helpline number to have all possible resolution for your printer issues.

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